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Questions tagged [camping]

Questions discussing camping as an activity, equipment and skills that can make camping safer and more enjoyable, possible campsites and related legal and security issues for a specific region should use this tag.

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Can I camp in the protected areas Þjórsárver and Guðlaugstungur og Álfgeirstungur?

I am investigating the feasibility of a hike looping around Hofsjökull. The route takes me through the Þjórsárver and Guðlaugstungur og Álfgeirstungur protected areas. The regulations for Þjórsarver ...
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Why did backcountry camping at Canyon de Chelly collapse?

Looking at Canyon de Chelly backcountry camping visitation by month: Backcountry camping went from usually more than a hundred per month, up to several hundred per month, throughout spring, summer (...
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Fishing/ Kayaking/ hiking in Acadia Maine

I am heading to Acadia, Maine this week for a one week camping, fishing, kayaking and hiking. I've been there once but just for couple hours. Any recommendations for fishing spots in the island? I ...
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What's a good illustration of the alternate PCT bear-bag hanging method?

Illustration of the standard "PCT bear bag hanging method"[1] is easily found by search engines, e.g. The alternate ...
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Coleman 2-burner Camp Chef stove leaks: Can't find suitable seal

A 15-year-old square o-ring has deteriorated to the point that it can't hold the seal, and propane leaks around it. I have exhausted myself searching for a suitable replacement. The seal in question ...
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I need Ozark replacement poles

I have a 6 persons Ozark tent model WT101310 , I need all the poles I have the part numbers but i can't find them, does any one knows the size of the replacement poles , the parts number are ...
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