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Questions involving how to cast using a fishing rod and line should use this tag. Casting is the act of propelling your bait, lure, fly through the air towards where fish are. It can become a sport in its own, as with fly casting.

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4 answers

Fly casting in heavy cover/growth

I recently began learning to fly fish. However most of the streams I frequent are small creeks in the Southern Appalachians that have a lot of growth on the banks and overhead making casting rather ...
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Which two handed fly casting style should I learn?

Me and a friend are thinking about trying two handed fly fishing for salmon and sea-run browns in northern Sweden. We both have been fishing for these same species with single-handed rods, but have ...
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Will practicing casting on my backyard lawn damage my fly line? If so, how to avoid it?

I have been practicing fly casting in my backyard using the same line that I use to fish. The question is: will my line get damaged from this? I reckon that these things are made to drag through water ...
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What adjustments should be made to cast when using a heavier fly line than rod class?

My fly rod says 5/6 wt, and the instructions tell that it can be used with lines of both weight classes if I make the proper adjustments to my cast. My question is what would these adjustments be?
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