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A mountain region between Black and Caspian Seas.

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Climbing Mt. Kazbek - Hiring a Guide from the Meteo Station

I am planning to climb Mt. Kazbek, from the Georgian side, in August, but I am not really keen on the idea of booking a whole package all the way from Kazbegi. I've read elsewhere that you can hike to ...
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Climbing Mt Kazbek in Georgia

Could you please help me decide whether a "team" of two people needs a guide on their attempt to climb Mount Kazbek from the Georgian side? My doubts come from a passage from this site (in ...
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Trekking maps of Svanetia available abroad?

Are there any trekking maps of Svanetia available abroad? I'd like to purchase the maps before arriving to Georgia. The preferred map scale is at least 1:50.000, however 1:100.000 would also fit in ...
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