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Questions about the use of cell phones in the outdoors.

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Good open source Android GPS apps showing topographic lines and remote roads in the US?

Are there any good open-source Android GPS apps that show topographic contour lines and remote roads, with labels for both? Something OpenStreetMap-based would be ideal, so I can add missing roads. I'...
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Can I place emergency calls on a FirstNet cell with a standard cell phone?

Recently I was part of a wilderness SAR training event where there were drone-based FirstNet cell tower deployed to provide emergency personnel with cellular communications in remote areas. Perhaps ...
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Require advice on power conservation for backpacking trip

Edit: Thank you for all the helpful replies. I will have to go through them all now, and I will pick the best fitting one for my question. I will go backpacking in the summer of this year, for about ...
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Are there any credible estimates of how much of the US National Park System does not have cell phone reception? If so, what do they conclude?

We have found that almost any place that is interesting to hike, and especially backpack, does not have cell phone reception, or at best lousy cell phone reception. To which I say hallelujah! I do ...
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Geocaching: How important is having a dedicated GPS device instead of a smartphone?

I'm thinking about getting into geocaching with my girlfriend, as it sounds like an activity that we'd both enjoy a lot. However I really don't think that I want to buy a dedicated GPS device if at ...
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Cell Phone Tower Location app

Is there an app that will tell me where the nearest cell phone tower is when I am out of cell range? I'd like something like this so that I can know which direction to go to get to a signal in the ...
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Is there a mobile app to easily send a SMS message with coordinates?

A couple years ago I have traveled to rather remote areas alone on multi-day hikes and the cell phone coverage was poor. During my hike I wanted to let someone know about my progress (the tracking was ...
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