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Questions related to cleaning equipment or people during or after outdoor activities.

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4 answers

How do I wash Gore-Tex clothing?

I have a bunch of dirty hard-shell pants and jackets. Are these safe to put in the washer and dryer? If not, how should I clean them?
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11 answers

How to clean rock-climbing shoes?

I have never found a good answer to this one: How do you clean rock-climbing shoes, without ruining them? Let me be more specific. I have a pair of modern leather-and-fancy-rubber climbing shoes ...
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How do you remove mold from a tent?

Of course, the best way is to prevent mold on a tent from occurring by airing, cleaning and storing it appropriately. When doing this I've never had any issues. However, there may well be cases where ...
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De-stinking my water shoes

I have a pair of water shoes with a thick rubber sole and a neoprene upper. They provide good protection from coral cuts, stonefish etc. In the past I've used these in the Ontario wilderness (fresh ...
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What should I do about large trash left by others on USFS land?

When you find large trash items left by others in less accessible places, what should be done? The exact scenario: We were hiking a ten mile trail on US Forestry Service land with river crossings and ...
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26 votes
6 answers

How to stay clean on a multi-day hike?

I love hiking but there is a serious problem - I find it disgusting to be sweaty or dirty. I am literally unable to function properly if I do not get a thorough and warm shower every morning. This ...
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I need to wash my waterproof coat without ruining the waterproofing

hopefully this is not a duplicate as I've searched for an answer on here before posting. I found this but there seems to be conflicting views on certain aspects of the question. What I would like to ...
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20 votes
3 answers

Washing clothes on long hikes

I'm looking for a good solution for clothing (or clothes washing) on long hikes with the following considerations Southeastern United States, Appalachians We hike light 10+ day trips I don't want to ...
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9 votes
3 answers

How can I effectively clean the "bite valve" for my water bladder?

The bite valve on my Osprey water bladder is covered in a black mould. It's not very old and this is the second valve I've had on this. It seems to be impossible to remove and seems to grow no ...
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21 votes
2 answers

How to clean vomit from camping gear?

Some background. Whilst car camping down in Weymouth recently I was unfortunate enough to encounter a stomach bug (we initially thought it was food poisoning but later realised it was a bug as my ...
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Cleaning the sipper pipe of a hydration pack

I use a regular hydration pack. I had given to a friend of mine to use it as she had her pack leaking. I guess she filled it with some sort of refreshment/flavored sports drink, and that has caused ...
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Deodorising rain jacket without ruining waterproofing

I have a Mammut jacket that's made with their DRYtech 2-layer material. It's been used quite a bit but still appears to have a lot of life left in it. However it's acquired a weird smell, not unlike ...
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