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Questions relating to climbing can include any activity that requires the use of your hands and feet to move vertically up an object, obstruction or terrain. This varies from trees to boulders to cliff faces and everything in-between.

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Can the Edelrid Pinch open accidentally during belay?

The Pinch is a recently released brake-assisted belay device. What differentiates it from other Grigri-style devices, is the ability to directly clip this into the harness. Edelrid is marketing this ...
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What are the components of a good climbing kit for recreational tree climbing?

I've enjoyed climbing and cutting trees for many years. I now want to go to higher levels, but safety is a primary concern, because I am afraid of heights. I'm about to order gear for recreational ...
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LOWA renegade insole is sliding

I used my Lowa renegade for 10 years and I bought a new pair. On the first 7km the insoles are sliding back. I tried again, same problem... I just realised even with hands I can slide the insoles up ...
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