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Questions about preparing meals during outdoor activities, such as camping or survival.

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What's the difference between white gas, propane, kerosene, and gasoline?

How do I know what type I should use when I'm planning a camping trip?
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Stove/fuel setup for harsh conditions

We already have topics on fuels here and here which give quite an overview. Also REI gives some info how to choose your stove and fuel properly. Still I would like to know what are the best options ...
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How much does a full/empty jetboil canister weigh?

I have a bunch of partially-full Jetboil canisters from various trips, and I'm trying to figure out approximately how much fuel is left in each of them. How much does a full canister weigh (fuel + ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages between gas, liquid and solid fuel?

It seems you can get fuel for stoves in either gas form (butane, propane, etc.) liquid (methylated spirit) or solid fuel tablets. What are the particular advantages and disadvantages with each format,...
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How to clean cookware?

When going camping on a multi-day trip, how do you clean metal pots, metal silverware and plates (for metal or ceramic)? The solution that came to mind was to bring dish soap and a sponge. However: ...
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Can/Should I cook in my tent?

When camping in bad weather I'm always asking myself if it is a good idea to cook in my tent with a gas cooker. Obviously there is the danger of fire. But how dangerous is this really? Can you easily ...
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What are some good gluten-free foods for backpacking?

I have quite unfortunately found out several months ago that I'm gluten sensitive. Nearly all my meals I've planned and eaten on the trail have included wheat, and thus gluten, in some fashion. I'm ...
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Is titanium cookware safe?

There are one or two other posts on cookware, which covers those made of titanium, but this post is in regards to its interactions with the human body. I haven't been able to find any academic/peer-...
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Where is the optimal place to do dishes in the backcountry?

I just came back from a backpacking trip in an alpine area. I was cleaning some kitchen items (pot, spork, pan, etc) with some remnant food particles that were coming off. I use a very small amount of ...
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What are the Pros and Cons of No-Cook Backpacking?

While perusing my gear this morning, it occurred to me that I hadn't bothered to buy or make a stove for backpacking. On the whole, I'm not a big fan of hot food, even when I'm a mite chilled. What ...
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How can you tell if roadkill is safe to eat?

In some places in the US, it is legal to take roadkill home and eat it while in other places the meat is donated. If it was legal where you are, how would you tell if the meat is still good?
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Can you get burned by boiling water on everest?

At sea level, pure water boils at 100°C. In my hometown, water boils at 97°C, and being at a higher elevation we always had to boil or cook our food longer than the recommended times given in recipes. ...
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Where to buy ethanol in Canada?

I have recently moved from Sweden to Canada. In Sweden, I always bought ethanol for my trangia ethanol stove at petrol stations. Where can I buy such ethanol in Canada? Is it sold at petrol ...
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What precautions should I take when cooking smelly food in an area with bears?

I'm planning an overnight hiking trip and want to try cooking fish. We will be camping at an established backcountry site on the trail, which has a spot for a tent near a fire ring. However, this is ...
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Recipe for baking bread/cake on the trail

I cooked a couple of times but I was just aiding a colleague that also brought all the ingredients and had the know-how. And I have a poor memory, obviously. How do you cook yours? What recipe do you ...
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Avoiding leaks from stove and fuel bottles?

I used to use a liquid hydrocarbon-fuel stove for backpacking, but I hated it, one of the main reasons being that the stove and/or fuel bottle were always leaking and stinking up my car and pack. ...
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Why couldn't you eat frozen bait shrimp?

We have a question about how to store dead bait shrimp, both answers suggest that you can simply eat the bait shrimp, but one says, As for freezing them, they won't be alive anymore but they should ...
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Can you eat dock leaves? How can they be prepared?

Are dock leaves/rumex edible? They're on of the most common plants we see in the UK (that and stinging nettles) and I find myself wondering how if I could eat them. I've been told before that you ...
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Are there any techniques to cooking food when camping in the wild by harnessing the energy of the sun?

Are there any techniques to cooking food camping in the wild by harnessing the sun's energy (rays)? We have all heard of solar panels being used to generate electricity, but are there any techniques ...
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