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For questions regarding dive sites. Locations that are particularly favoured for scuba diving.

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Collaborative map of dive sites

Where can I find a collaborative wiki-style map of dive sites focused on comprehensiveness, not on "top destinations"? Google searching yielded surprisingly poor results. The best I've found ...
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How can divers be sure that there are no sharks or other lethal water animals where they dive?

I've always been scared of sharks. It seems like the most natural thing in the world to be afraid of. I instinctively haven't forgotten what it was like for my ancestors to swim around in that big, ...
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Where are good dive sites to scuba dive with seahorses?

In a couple of weeks my buddy (husband) and I will be doing a few dives on the UK's Jurassic coastline, in Swanage. It's said if the vis (visibility) is good here you can often see seahorses, as they ...
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What are good dive sites to scuba dive with cuttlefish?

My husband and I scuba dive together often, and he really wants to get the chance to scuba dive with cuttlefish (and why not they are super cute!). This can involve night diving. What dive sites are ...
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