Questions tagged [european-long-distance-paths]

Questions on hiking on European long-distance paths. Use this tag for questions specific to one of the twelve international European long-distance paths. For long-distance paths entirely in one Europea country, such as GRs in France or Spain National Trails in the UK or LAWs in The Netherlands, use other, country-specific tags.

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Why avoid the classic peaks of the balkans trail?

From The trail avoids the classic peaks of the Balkans trail as the situation in the mountains has changed since the trail was ...
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Water in Tour du Mont Blanc

My friend and I intend to do part of the Tour de Mont Blanc this summer. While we are aware of the refuges and huts, we would prefer to stay in bivouacs for the night (at least one night, but probably ...
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What route does the E1 European Long Distance Path take through Børgefjell National Park?

Wikipedia notes that the E1 is marked from Okstindan to Børgefjell National Park, but is ambiguous about the national park itself. Indeed, Norgeskart has a route northward from the park boundary (...
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I am researching the E4 path [closed]

Just a quick question, when hiking are there opportunities to work as you go? Just small cash-in-hand jobs or is it advised to save for a while before setting off?
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Lodging while hiking the European E-paths

I am researching the E-paths and trying to figure out what people do for lodging during their hike. It's Europe, so could I just pitch a tent wherever? Are there marked campsites? Do I need to stay ...
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What resources are needed to attempt E3?

E3 is a 7000 km hike through Europe. What resources would every member of a small group of average adults need in order to realistically have chance of completing it: Vacation time Money Equipment ? ...
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