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Questions specific to Finland

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10 votes
1 answer

Finnish maps: bogs easy vs hard to traverse

Bogs on my Lemmenjoki and Hammastunturi map are marked as either easy or hard to traverse. What conditions should I expect from both terrain types in summer (mid August)? Does easy mean one can walk ...
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2 answers

What kind of animal may have done this?

I was recently hiking around Finland with my girlfriend and we came across several trees that seem to have been had at by some sort of animal. I'm quite curious as to what it may be and any help would ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Hiking in Lappland in August - what about animals?

I'm planning to hike/wildcamp in finnish Lappland in August, in Viipustunturit and maybe also in Muotkatunturit. Is there anything special that I should do about the local animals? E.g. in the ...
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Wild animals in Finland and Norway

Next summer I am planning to ride a bike from Belarus to the north of Norway through Finland. What measures should I take to be protected against wild animals (bears and wolves)?
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