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Footwear for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, bodyboarding, etc. Does not apply to surfboard fins.

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4 answers

How to get out through surf in fins?

I got myself some short fins since as a fairly weak swimmer especially in my legs I wanted a bit more confidence and power when swimming in the sea. However one basic problem I've encountered - how ...
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Technique for swimming with fins?

I recently bought some fins... Short, much stiffer than some fins used by divers these are more aimed at surfing. I can feel they make me faster but am struggling with technique. I feel I'm fighting ...
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12 votes
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What to consider when buying fins for recreational snorkeling?

I've been on a few beach vacations in the last few years and have discovered that I really enjoy snorkeling. I have at least three trips in the next year where I will probably go snorkeling (a few ...
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