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Questions about cleaning fish and preparing it for consumption.

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Ikejime: Effectively hit the entire central nerve of the fish's spine

In search for the most humane ways to kill a fish, I have came across the technique Ikejei. This is said to be one of the best methods to preserve the quality and flavour of a fish. From what I got, ...
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How to clean and cook Asian Carp

To start I am from the Midwest in the United States. In the recent years, many lakes and rivers have been taken over by an invasive species of fish called Asian Carp. These fish are disgusting/slimy ...
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How do I gut a fish?

I've caught a fish and want to gut it (remove it's insides ready to eat/keep). How do I do this? Where do I cut? What needs to be removed, etc?
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Easiest way to preserve a fishing catch - with cooking or pickling

I'm looking for the easiest way to cook or preserve fish at the river or lakeside with as minimal preparation or cooking involved so they can be eaten later. Mainly trout, pike or walleye. Ideally I ...
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Is killing fish with iced water really humane?

Someone told me that one can kill a fish by putting it in iced water. He stated that it'll kill the animal extremely fast and without any pain. I've my doubts... Can anyone explain why this should ...
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Is it ok to bleed a fish in muddy water

Sometimes I go to a secluded lake and want to take some table size Catfish home. However, the lake is particularly muddy and dirty, the water is actually brown. Is there a problem with bleeding fish ...
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Bleeding a fish without a cooler [duplicate]

So, when I go to this lake I can usually catch table size catfish and I want to take some home, however due to the rough terrain and long trails to get to this secluded lake, it would be a hassle to ...
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Is it really necessary to gut a fish?

I'm obviously not a fisherman... If I like the flavors, is there any problem with cooking and eating a fish that hasn't been gutted? Any particular species? In other words, what are all the reasons ...
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When to kill and bleed a fish

I am getting into fishing (I bought an entry-level spinner and plan on going to some nearby rivers/lakes) and have been reading a lot of conflicting information in regards to the sequence of events ...