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Questions about selection of footwear for a specific type of an expedition, terrain, situation, general advises about maintenance and/or repair of footwear should be tagged with question. Kindly note that recommendation for Brands for a footwear is not on-topic on The Great Outdoors.

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40 votes
12 answers

What is the point of hiking boots, versus any comfortable walking shoes?

I've always used any old shoes for hiking. Are there any real benefits to using specially made boots?
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Why go without socks with climbing shoes?

I've been going climbing (indoor bouldering) for about six months, using shoes I rented at the gym, and wearing socks (and everything was fine). I've recently got a pair of climbing shoes, and want to ...
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Does a pound on your foot equal 5 pounds on your back?

I have heard a number of people say that a pound on your foot equals 5 pounds on your back. Is there any hard evidence to support this claim and how does the terrain affect it?
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De-stinking my water shoes

I have a pair of water shoes with a thick rubber sole and a neoprene upper. They provide good protection from coral cuts, stonefish etc. In the past I've used these in the Ontario wilderness (fresh ...
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Why do so many people hike with such light footwear?

More and more, I see people hiking with very light-weight shoes. To me, they look like regular sport shoes and they look to be lacking thick soles, waterproofness, or ankle support. I thought this ...
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FiveFingers or hiking boots?

I have been wearing Vibram FiveFingers exclusively for three years now. I day hike in them, I exercise in them, I go to to work with them, I hit the beach and swim in them. I have tried wearing "...
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Hiking: How to start?

I would like to get into hiking, and would like some ideas on to start. I have always enjoyed nature walks and even did some hiking when I was a kid in boy scouts, but that was years ago ...
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Does packing boots with newspaper make them dry faster?

In one of the trail journals I read, the author mentions packing her boots with newspaper to dry them out. On the one hand I can see perhaps some wicking action, but this would greatly reduce airflow....
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1 answer

Am I likely to need multiple pairs of boots on the Appalachian Trail?

Reading up on a hiking boot size question, I came across this review from Silver Spring, Maryland for a wide hiking boot. This boot has a "lifespan" of 400 miles. Is that typical of a hiking boot? ...
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How can I tell a “trail shoe” from a regular sport shoe?

On a day-to-day basis, I wear regular light-weight sport shoes, such as these: The footwear I saw people using in serious terrain in the USA looked similar, but this answer to my related question ...
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5 answers

Which brands make wider hiking boot sizes?

My old boots are dying. Sadly it took me quite some time to find them, and the particular brand is not made anymore. I have wide feet, like 4E wide, but some 2E boots will fit fine. Unfortunately ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Do I need to break in double plastic mountaineering boots?

I just bought my first pair of mountaineering boots. I know hiking boots need to be properly broken in before taking them on the trail, but what about plastic mountaineering boots? These are ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Restoring water repellency in leather hiking boots

I have a pair of leather boots that are a couple of years old. They were fairly expensive and I'm not a big fan of discarding and replacing things so I'm hoping they can still be of use to me. The ...
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What footwear did mountaineers wear in the 19th century?

I'm particularly curious about their footwear.
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How can a walking style be changed?

The title may itself sound a little weird, indeed it does. But this I have observed over the time, when I take a look at my shoes. I think I have a strange walking style, in which I probably land a ...
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What are the pros and cons of greased feet in boots?

I was just reading this answer at Can you keep your feet warm in ski boots on a very cold day? Yes, add fat to your feet. I don't mean gain weight. Just slather it on before putting socks on. ...
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2 answers

How do I keep my shoes from rolling around my feet while trail running?

This summer I started running on trails through the woods, and I'm loving it. Problem is, running on trails seems to involve a lot more lateral force on the soles of my feet, mostly from sharp turns ...
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What are the pros and cons of using the Spyridon model of Vibram FiveFingers for climbing? [closed]

So I am moving to Colorado in a little more than three weeks and super-pumped to elevate my experiences with the endless outdoor adventures! At this point in my life, I have six pair of shoes; three ...
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