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How can I find the safest place to cross a frozen river from a map?

Where is the better chance the ice on the frozen river in winter will be thicker and safer to cross? I expect the river width oscillates between the following conditions: on a shallow, wider, slower ...
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Can horses ford deeper/faster rivers than humans?

Is it safe to follow a equestrian trail and assume I can ford where the horse-trail does? Or should I expect equestrians to ford rivers too deep or swift to ford on foot? I'm thinking of the ...
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Safest route to cross Þjórsárkvíslar from the north

In my planned circuit around Höfsjökull in Iceland, the biggest of the 15–20 fords will be Þjórsárkvíslar. Travel writer Fabrizio Frascaroli describes fording this river; I have included an excerpt ...
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Does fordable by 4WD imply fordable on foot?

I am investigating the feasibility of a hike looping around Hofsjökull. Among the foreseen challenges are 17 crossings of named rivers (and many smaller ones). All rivers I need to cross have 4WD ...
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Can I expect a mountain stream to have less water in the morning, even when it is not primarily fed by meltwater?

In late September 2015, I hiked part of the trail in the incredibly beautiful Lónsöræfi in southwestern Iceland, near Vatnajökull. The easternmost segment of the trail requires fording Hnappadalsá (...
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How do hikers cross fast-flowing rivers without wading staffs?

Outdoor instructions in Lapland often recommend to always use a wading staff for river crossings, and not a trekking pole. Ever since I purchased my Folding Wading Staff in a Swedish outdoor store, I ...
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Can I use a blue plastic tarp to float my vehicle across water?

For those unaware, the US army has been using canvas tarps to float jeeps across water for decades. Video
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