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Questions about identifying fossils, please use a descriptive title and include a picture.

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What do Tyrannosaur dinosaur tracks look like?

One of the genera of dinosaurs is the Tyrannosaurus, which includes the famous T-Rex. What do the tracks of this type of dinosaur look like?
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5 votes
2 answers

Are there resources for identifying dinosaur tracks?

There are plenty of bird identification app or books or websites, is there anything similar for dinosaur tracks? I get that identifying dinosaur tracks is hard, if I remember correctly there are only ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What is the difference between a dinosaur true track and a natural cast?

Of the dinosaur tracks that people find in the outdoors, there are two main types, true tracks and natural casts (there are also undertracks and infills but these are harder to see). What exactly is ...
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What species of dinosaur made these 3 toed 6 inch long tracks?

With some friends, I saw some dinosaur tracks in Wyoming that looked like this, Can anyone identify what type of dinosaur made these tracks?
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What sort of white rock with lots of small holes is this?

This interesting pebble caught my eye the other day when I was wandering around on an Anglesey beach in Wales, UK but I haven't a clue what sort of rock it is and what has caused the little holes in ...
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