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Where do Canada geese live at night?

I live in the central Ohio area. There is a human-made lake surrounded by grasses around my home, and the size of the lake is about 2 tennis courts. Many Canada Geese together with their chicks gather ...
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How do I safely move around Canada Geese?

I live in an area with a lot of lakes/ponds, with many paths around them. Many humans and dogs enjoy walking on these paths. However, the Canada geese have recently set up shop on the lakes. They don'...
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Can skunk spray be fatal to geese or other animals?

This question comes from a circle of thought processes, so bear with me a moment... The skunks are waking up from hibernation, and after smelling so many sprays, one can't help but wonder (...
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Is a sentinel (guard) Canada Goose always a male, or a female, or does it vary?

While there are a number of recognized sub-species of Canada geese, this question pertains to the main species, Branta canadensis. This answer to a question asking how many hours a day Canada Geese ...
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How many hours a day, on average, do Canada Geese sleep?

How many hours a day do Canada Geese typically sleep in a 24 hour period?
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Is the correct term Canada Goose or Canadian Goose?

The author of a question on our site referred to a certain type of goose as a Canadian goose. Some people thought that the correct name is Canada goose, rather than Canadian. Wikipedia refers to them ...
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Dead Canada goose stuck frozen to top of lake

I saw a Canada goose stuck frozen on Ramapo Lake in the Ramapo Mountain State Forest near Oakland, New Jersey. I was told that it had been dead for a while. Can a goose freeze to the ice and get ...
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Is this bar-headed goose's behavior an indication of a problem?

After seeing this question which had this animation: I was left wondering whether this behavior was "normal" or at least healthy. I know sometimes when an animal exhibits odd behavior there's ...
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Would a Canada Goose deliberately try to keep a section of water from freezing?

I just passed the pond where the geese in this question are, and it turns out that while some of the geese are sleeping ontop of the ice, there is a section right there, about 20ft by 80 that is open ...
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4 answers

Why would a Canada Goose sleep on a frozen pond?

I just passed one of the town parks, and there was a flock of Canada geese sleeping on the frozen lake. It seemed like that would be a rather cold place to sleep, is there a reason beyond the ...
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