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Why do people who find gold somewhere announce it to the public, causing a gold rush? [closed]

I read about those gold rushes in 1849 and 1896 etc., and I keep asking myself: Why would anyone who finds gold announce it to the world? If they had any sense, they would keep it extremely secret and ...
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How can I use horsetail as a "indicator plant" to find gold while gold pannig?

How can I use horsetail as a indicator plant to find gold while gold pannig? What are Indicator Plants? Indicator plants are peculiar to a certain place. Though they aren’t necessarily rare, ...
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Are there any possible telltale signs along a water's edge that it would be a good spot for gold panning?

A friend and myself would like to do some gold panning this summer for the first time. We both live in southern British Columbia and have the intention of going into some known gold producing areas. ...
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Where is a good place in California to go gold panning for a beginner?

I have some gold pans and a portable shovel. I live in California and I am interested in places with camping grounds and nearby water to do some recreational gold panning. Know of any good places for ...
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