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Question about making your whole body or particular body parts more resistant to outside influences.

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5 votes
4 answers

Hardening the skin on the whole body (not only soles)

Walking barefoot makes skin on the soles very hard. Indigenous tribes that have no boots are walking barefoot even on the sharp rocks. But after my leg was slightly slit by the seaweed, I wonder if ...
9 votes
2 answers

Will barefoot walking harden the skin and help prevent blisters when trekking in heavy shoes?

Blisters are usually happening if you walk much more than you are used to, or the shoes are much harder than those you usually wear. For example on multi-day trekkings in heavy trekking shoes. The ...
16 votes
9 answers

How to harden feet for walking barefoot on harsh surfaces?

In the past I was only occasionally walking barefoot, on relatively short distances, on the earthy surfaces. But I'd like to train my feet to be able to do much more - including walking on harsh ...