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A headlamp is a type of torch (flashlight) that you wear on your head, sometimes also referred to as a head-torch. Use this tag for questions about the use, maintenance or any other issues or general question about headlamps.

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Turning on a rgb headlamp with red first

I currently own a PETZL TACTIKKA + RGB 2019 which offers the possibility of making red, green and blue (and of course white) light. It's a good lamp but the white light is the first light to turn on ...
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How to prevent breath steam diminishing light power when using a headlamp?

I run often at night in the mountain. For that I use a headlamp that works very well, allowing me to keep my path illuminated and my arms free. However, when it is cold my breath creates some steam ...
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Why might one need a 2000 lumen headlamp?

I was just looking at a product my friend was bragging about, a headlamp with 2000 lumen intensity. When and why would I be needing such a powerful headlamp? I usually trek in jungles and forests and ...
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My head torch/lamp has a red mode, why?

My new head torch has a mode that produces a red light. I've seen this several times and I have no idea when our why you would use it?
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Storing Headlamps: With or without batteries?

When we store our headlamps, currently we store them with the batteries. Should they instead be stored separate from the batteries?
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What makes a good head lamp?

I'm looking for a decent head lamp, with a bright light and good battery life. Most on the market these days seem to be LED based, but aside from those three (perhaps obvious) considerations are there ...
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