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Hiking is any outdoor walking activity - along trails or across unmarked wild country.

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What are the primary considerations when trekking across the Olympic National Park, Greece including a summit of Mount Olympus?

I am planning to make a solo traverse of the Olympic National Park in Greece, including a summit of Mount Olympus. I am a former soldier and team medic with considerable experience in the outdoors, ...
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Tahoma Creek suspension bridge history

One of my more memorable hiking experiences came on the Wonderland Trail in the summer of 1994. The trail is about 93 miles (150 kilometers) long. It's in the Mount Rainier State Park which is located ...
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Can I camp in the protected areas Þjórsárver and Guðlaugstungur og Álfgeirstungur?

I am investigating the feasibility of a hike looping around Hofsjökull. The route takes me through the Þjórsárver and Guðlaugstungur og Álfgeirstungur protected areas. The regulations for Þjórsarver ...
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Are any canyons in the Sierra de Grazalema accessible without special canyoneering gear?

The book Sierra de Grazalema: Complete Guidebook to the Natural Park includes a chapter on canyons, describing two routes: one Garganta Verde and one through the Garganta de las Buitreras. Both ...
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Why avoid the classic peaks of the balkans trail?

From The trail avoids the classic peaks of the Balkans trail as the situation in the mountains has changed since the trail was ...
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Are there any mountaineering/hiking activities in or near Albufeira, Portugal?

I'm heading over to Albufeira and I was just wondering if there are any hiking or mountaineering activities, or outdoor landmarks worth seeing in the area (or close by). I don't want to be stuck on ...
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Southern Half of Corsica's GR20 hike in late October

The GR20 between Calenzana and Conca is considered one of Europe's best but also most difficult hikes. The recommended time of year to do this hike safely is usually given as June to mid-October. Our ...
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Are there any durable hiking boots left on the market?

I just had the outer sole of one of my expensive, 22 month old, Hanwag hiking boots completely delaminate from the boot in the middle of a four day backpacking trip on the Olympic coastline. I managed ...
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What's a good base for hiking in the Italian Alps/Dolomites?

I want to hike in the Italian Alps or Dolomites at the end of October. I'm looking for a nice village or town where I can stay for a few days. I'm not too adventurous so hikes that are a few hours ...
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Which altitude profile and height is optimal for Everesting by hiking?

Everesting is an activity where the goal is altitude gain of 8848 m or more by repeatedly going up and down a selected route. This is most often attempted by biking; however, hiking/running is ...
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Where can I find reliable information on long-distance hiking trails?

I have never planned a hiking holiday myself but have always walked along. This year we are planning to walk a long-distance trail like the Fischermenstrail (ROTA VICENTINA) in Portugal. Where can I ...
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Double stitched leather shoe care

I am hiking in Meindl's double stitched, Nubuk leather hiking shoes, called Badile ( I have them for quite some years now and was very happy with them all ...
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Hiking trails that meet specific criteria in Zion National Park (Utah, USA)

I'm looking for hiking trails in Zion National Park in Utah, USA. Here are the criteria: 5-8 miles Moderate skill level (prefer not too easy, but not too strenuous) Prefer no more than 2000 feet of ...
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LOWA renegade insole is sliding

I used my Lowa renegade for 10 years and I bought a new pair. On the first 7km the insoles are sliding back. I tried again, same problem... I just realised even with hands I can slide the insoles up ...
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