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Hummingbird Cam?

Has anyone found a mini video camera that would work for spying on my little hummingbird friend? This is not the first year she's been there. As you can see, she's found a great little spot, right ...
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Are there any tips to help hummingbirds find a new feeder?

Once a hummingbird feeder is set up and the hummingbirds know about it they will come back over and over again on a regular basis. They even seem to remember after the winter and will come to check to ...
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Are perches on humming bird feeders bad for the humming birds?

Apparently, there is a theory that says Hummingbirds can become hypothermic if they sit on a feeder perch and drink several cropfuls of cold sugar water early in the morning. The birds fall to the ...
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Finding dead hummingbirds on my property

I'm hoping that this isn't the beginning of a trend, but over the past week I have discovered an alarming number of dead hummingbirds on my property. For reference, I live in a suburban area on the ...
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Do bees at the hummingbird feeders keep the birds away?

Although not greater in number, our hummingbirds this summer seem to be larger than in the past. I think it may be because my husband started making our own nectar, so it's fresher, and might taste ...
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Does the color of hummingbird nectar make a difference?

I've seen different types of hummingbird nectar, some red and some clear. My question is, will the red be able to attract more hummingbirds, vice-versa, or will they both attract the same amount? Note:...
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How should I position my hummingbird feeders to attract the most birds?

I'm trying to increase the hummingbird population in my yard in Northeastern United States. I grow certain types of flowers specifically designed to keep them happy, and have often found them drinking ...
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