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Can orange safety vest be used when hiking during hunting season?

I'm going to be doing some winter hiking in parks where there are going to be a lot of hunters. Probably only during bow hunting season for deer in NJ. I'll be getting some blaze hats but for the vest ...
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What are the pros and cons of first vs second focal plane rifle scopes?

There are two types of rifle scopes when it comes to which focal plane the reticle is etched on and they are called first or second focal plane scopes. What is the difference between the two types ...
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Fending off a boar with an axe?

So, this is likely a very very dumb question but I came across this question about wild boars while researching boar hunting and I was wondering if an axe would be at all useful against a boar if it ...
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Slingshot resources

As part of my everyday carry gear, I'm looking at including a slingshot for taking game birds whilst hiking. However I've never used one, what should I be looking for in a catapult when purchasing? ...
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Selecting magnification for binoculars for hunting at 100 yards?

I am trying to find some binoculars for hunting. I generally zero my rifle to fire at 100 yards. I really can't imagine shooting animals much further than this distance, although for scouting and ...
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Advantages of a (hunting) hat in the woods?

I feel like hats are quite popular among hunters and other outdoor-people which are mainly active in the woods. Also, a lot of outdoor brands have hats in their range. Which rational characteristics ...
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Non-gun hunting tools for small game

I'm looking for alternative ways of hunting small game (rabbits, pigeons, etc.) besides a rifle/pistol, and the requirements I have found to be the most important are: Effective - Gaining more ...
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What does glass mean in the context of hunting?

I have read several blogs and watched videos on hunting where I have heard people use the term glass. I have no idea what it means and I have found very little on Google about what it could mean. So,...
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