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Overcoming supination/pronation issues with ice skates

When I wear ice skates I have a supination problem issue. This means that my feet are slightly bent outside while I skate. This causes imbalances, problems of stability, pain on longer rides. Then to ...
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What, exactly, is ice-transplantation as used to reinforce ice for the Elfstedentocht?

Several weeks ago, I read an article in The Economist about the Elfstedentocht, a 120 mile long Dutch ice-skating race. The race is held only in years when the canal ice is strong enough to safely ...
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Is ice-skating on lakes or ponds a sport in Iran (or Central Asia)?

This exchange of comments on English Language and Usage got me to wondering if outdoor ice-skating is or was ever a sport in Iran (or central Asia). Certainly it gets cold enough in parts of Iran. ...
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How can I perfect my backyard ice rink?

I live in the northeast US and have a depression in my backyard: after weeks of freezing weather we had a warm, rainy weekend. Then it all froze =) So now I have a backyard rink, about 100' x 50' (...
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Ice skating on a frozen lake -- how thick should the ice be?

When ice skating on a frozen lake or river, how thick should the ice be in order to have fairly high confidence you aren't going to fall through? A small drill (for ice fishing) is available to ...
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