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Use this tag for questions that ask "what is this thing?" Pictures are very important, as are descriptive titles.

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Can one distinguish between a venomous snake and a non-venomous snake, and if so how and with what degree of confidence?

This question is prompted by Snake on Chest While Sleeping?. In this question, the OP asked what to do if he wakes up in his tent in his sleeping bag to find a snake on his chest. (Note: this was ...
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What is this raised, icy-looking structure, found at the edge of a partially frozen lake?

Last month, in February, my husband was walking on a trail in the woods in Massachusetts, alongside a fresh-water lake. The temperatures had been fluctuating a lot over the winter, so some areas were ...
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12 votes
1 answer

What are those white spots on the sea

Yesterday I was flying above the Mediterranean sea, it was a nice day, without storms or strong winds. I fly around 20 minutes above it before arriving to the ground. During these 20 minutes I saw ...
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What is this wet/oily residue all over the rocks in my yard?

I live in the Sierra Nevadas, a little over 8,000 feet up. There's an area in my yard that has rocks with a bright shiny sheen to them. I've seen some kind of coating on nearby plants (which doesn't ...
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Identify this sailing insigina

I recently inherited a small sailing boat similar to a Sunfish (roughly 12'x5'). However, I'm pretty sure it's not a sunfish, and I'm trying to identify it by the insignia on the sail. Does anyone ...
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