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Questions tagged [kayaks]

Questions referring specifically to Kayaks. Kayaks can come in a few forms. There are Sit in kayaks and Sit on Top kayaks, both come single or tandem. You can have kayaks made from plastic or fibreglass, as well as inflatables.

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What are the navigation considerations on the Ohio River between Wheeling WV and Parkersburg WV?

I want to travel by canoe from Wheeling, West Virginia to Parkersburg, West Virginia on the Ohio river. What are the navigation considerations? Also I will have a bike and trailer for the canoe, ...
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4 votes
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Fishing/ Kayaking/ hiking in Acadia Maine

I am heading to Acadia, Maine this week for a one week camping, fishing, kayaking and hiking. I've been there once but just for couple hours. Any recommendations for fishing spots in the island? I ...
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Are there standard dimensions for kayak holes used for wheeled carts?

Regarding the type of kayak cart with pins that protrude through the kayak hull -- do you have to match the exact cart to model of kayak? (and, perhaps, brand). Or is there a standard set of ...
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