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This tag is for questions about lakes and ponds. Use it for activities in the water, like boating, swimming, scuba diving and others. Also for viewing and/or learning about birds, animals, ecosystems and artifacts on or under the water.

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Rainbow trout fishing on a small, deep lake in eastern Ontario

I want to fish for rainbow trout in a lake called Mair Lake on Crown land in eastern Ontario: Map source: Fish ON-Line Details: Lake width: 1 km wide (0.6 miles) Max depth: 53 metres (175 ft). ...
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When would docks on Chatfield Reservoir be least busy with boaters putting in and taking out?

I have a magnet and line setup to go magnet fishing and I would like to make some sweeps around one the docks Chatfield Reservoir on where it's likely that people have dropped gear/cellphones into the ...
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