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2 answers

What are "minimalist shoes"?

There are some questions regarding "minimalist shoes" on the site. By looking at those with the tag, it seems that the term relates to shoes that have thin soles without much spring to them, and ...
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2 answers

Is it unhealthy to wear minimal footwear?

A couple of friends and I have taken up hiking here in South Africa and they're pretty geared up with their ankle guards, and extreme hiking shoes and what not. They've got their hiking underwear and ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Is it possible to use gaiters on flat/minimalist shoes?

On flat shoes, like the Merrell Proterra's, is it possible to use gaiters (for snow)?
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7 votes
2 answers

How to Tell When Minimal Running Shoes Are Worn Out?

How can I tell when my minimal running shoes go bad? Let me explain. Conventional Wisdom The conventional wisdom of marathon runners is that running shoes will eventually 'go bad'. That is, at some ...
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Lacing materials for huaraches

I have been walking/running/hiking in my huaraches for about half a year now and have worn through 3 pairs of laces. I have been using accessory cord used in climbing as lacing material, since it has ...
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