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Questions related to the often unwanted fungal growth commonly known as mold. Mold can be a health hazard to humans. Mold can be found on either food, equipement, the great outdoors, etc..

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Polyester/polythene tents smell, and partner is smell sensitive. How best to treat before long term storage?

I have 2 tents - an Outwell Kansas 5, and a Eurohike Tamar 2. Both need to go in the garage for long term storage for about 2 years, because we won't be able to go camping for a while. The garage isn'...
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Does bottle color affect mold growth?

I'm currently looking at using colored see-through water bottles. Mold is green because it reflects green light, so I have a theory that a green bottle would grow the least amount of mold because it ...
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How to get rid the mold smell in old canvas tent?

Bought a 30 year old classic Coleman's canvas ten cheap (it's Canadian cousin actually). It is in great working condition, water proofing and zippers etc. and I thought convert it to a hot tent. But, ...
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Is this yucky thing scat or slime mold?

I took a picture of this in mixed wooded hills in Oregon in winter. I thought it might be animal scat and was wondering what type of animal, but I asked someone who thought it might be slime mold, at ...
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How do I get mold off my sandals?

I took my sandals out of storage in the basement today because it's two-hobbits-just-threw-a-ring-into-my-room kind of hot in here and outside, too. The problem is that they have mold on them. How do ...
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How do you prevent mold in CamelBak hydration bladders?

When using a CamelBak (or other hydration bladder system), it is easy for mold to grow if the bladder is left sitting with water in it. What is the best way to avoid mold (or other nasties) growing ...
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How do you remove mold from a tent?

Of course, the best way is to prevent mold on a tent from occurring by airing, cleaning and storing it appropriately. When doing this I've never had any issues. However, there may well be cases where ...
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How can I get rid of mold on climbing skins for skis?

There is a bit of mold on the sticky side of my mohair climbing skins for my skis. How can I get rid of it?
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