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Questions about nutrition in the Outdoors

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14 votes
2 answers

What factors should I consider to prepare high protein meals using a single camping stove and pan?

I understand the basics of trek / hiking meals which are primarily freeze-dried, lightweight and carbohydrate rich. For those of us with access to a base camp who wish to consume mainly protein ...
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Should I eat when I don't have anything to drink in a survival situations?

I've had a pretty interesting discussion beneath this survival question. A source given in the answer to this question states that you shouldn't eat when dehydration can become or is a problem: (......
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Carrying soda instead of water due to nutritional energy?

Let's say we have a liter of coke and liter of water. Both of them weight nearly the same. However, the coke contains a lot of calories whereas the water contains none. Despite other health-related ...
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Possible diet to avoid/delay defecation

We plan to go on a three day hike (two nights). The amount of food is no problem of course, but we want to avoid defecation while on the trail. Which kind of food comes into question? Edit: It's ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How much Carbohydrate should I ingest during a long distance hike (18 hours plus)?

I'm planning on doing a long distance hike (mountain climb) for charity in the next few weeks (the wales 3000s/15peaks). I've spent a bit of time looking into nutrition but I couldn't find a lot on ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Food nutrition for week long hike

I'm going on a week long hike in Southern Spain. I envisage myself being away from civilisation max 3 days. What kind of food should I take at any one time? There are infrequent farm houses and ...
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Are nutrition bars/energy bars good for high altitude treks?

In this question Suitable food for high altitude trekking Wedapashi asks about food for high altitude trekking. Also, in this question, there is a discussion about engergy bars. One of the answers ...
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4 answers

What is a good source of vitamin C in the wild?

I know I could just carry a bottle, but scavenging is much more fun. What is a good source of vitamin C in the wild? Have spruce needles really got enough?
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