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Questions tagged [outdoor-games]

Questions about games in the outdoors

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1 answer

How to find a wall to play squash or racket ball during quarantine?

Is there some kind of wall AI identification system in google maps or some google earth software to find a wall nearest my location to play squash during quarantine? Excluding hitting garage
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Anybody ever had a clingy friend? [closed]

I have a workmate and I've known her for about 7 months already. She is very touchy with me recently and I'm really confused with her because we are both girls and she presently have a boyfriend. It ...
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3 answers

Where to buy half tubes for outdoor games [closed]

I saw this game on youtube where you need to make a ball travel a certain amount of space using some half tubes. I was wondering where you could buy these kind of tubes or how are they called in ...
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Badges for tourists achievements/quests

In Poland Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK), has created set of badges that can be awarded to tourists for various achievements in different activities (hiking, skiing, kayaking, etc). ...
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Gymming v.s Outdoor sports, which is better? [closed]

I have been in a dilemma, whether to opt for gymming or to go out to play some sports in my free time. Both seem to be potential components to improve your health. But which one must one prefer over ...
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4 answers

How to follow the movements of a player while remaining unnoticed?

I know that this isn't the best stack exchange site for this question but was the best I could think of, if you think there is a better one please move the question / notify me. We are 2 friends who ...
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2 answers

Letterboxing vs Treasure hunts

I did read through the wiki page, but I am sort of confused now. Is Letterboxing the same concept as what we usually call a Treasure hunt?
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