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How to defend from animals while camping (golden jackals, boars, foxes)?

I want to go camping somewhere (I am from Eastern Europe) but the zone is full of golden jackals/foxes. They are a bit larger than a fox, but they stay in packs. I have a husky dog that wouldn't be ...
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Two horses can pull three time as much one horse. Is this only true for horses? [closed]

I was looking up how much horses,ox,mules and donkeys can pull and read that 2 horses can pull 3 times as much as 1 horse What about ox,mules and donkeys? Does a pair of ox or mules or donkeys pull 3 ...
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Are Camels the best overall pack animals?

As Camels are strong and can go days if not not longer without food or water, would that make them the best pack animal in most if not all situations? As you do not have to feed or give them water ...
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Hiking with goats?

I asked around (including on this site: Hiking with a mule or two?) about hiking with a mule or a horse. Some people on other sites actually suggested hiking with pack goats. (for weights on the ...
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Hiking with a mule or two?

For an older guy (say 65+) who likes to hike alone - are a mule or two a help or a hindrance? Maybe a mule for the pack, and a second mule to ride when I get really old? Historically people preferred ...
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What is the feed/day limit for various pack animals?

Wikipedia lists these common pack animals Camel Yak Reindeer Goats Water buffaloes Llama Equines including horses, donkeys, and mules Dogs (packing and sledding should have different values) Each ...
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Trekking with a donkey

I've just seen a documentary in which a guy trekks through some rugged terrain while he has his cargo on a donkey. It's a pretty cool and versatile animal overall. What are some pros and cons of ...
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Are urban coyotes a danger to small children?

I live in a city in Ontario, Canada. If city coyotes are not showing signs of aggressive behaviour the city does not normally do anything. My concern in my area is that this is a pack of at least 5 ...
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Why aren't the mule trains outfitters required to clean up after their animals?

When we venture into the wilderness, we bury our solid human waste (or may even have to pack it out in some places). The basic guideline is to not leave faeces anywhere where it can be discovered or ...
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How to keep a llama from being eaten by a bear?

I am pretty sure that from a bear's point of view a llama counts as food, but as its not possible to put a llama into a bear can or suspend it from a tree branch, how would I keep it from being eaten ...
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How much experience is needed with llamas to hike with a llama, on one's own?

I've seen people on multi-day hikes with a llama, and the llama seems docile and easily led. It seems too good to be true. I would never go out with a mule or a horse on my own. If my husband and I ...
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