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18 votes
2 answers

How to sail a packraft

I would like to use the wind to propel my packraft on passages over lakes. Are there any lightweight and/or improvised sail systems? Especially: how do I erect a mast on the packraft without it ...
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12 votes
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Are there reusable inflatable life vests (or PFDs)?

Inflatable life vests and PFDs that I have seen so far are meant to be inflated in emergency (either by mouth or CO2 cartridge). I didn't use them myself but they don't look like they could be ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Pack rafts vs Canoe

I'm looking into purchasing pack rafts for my partner and I, but have read conflicting information on using pack rafts and many people have suggested purchasing a canoe instead. I have mainly looked ...
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10 votes
1 answer

How to get started with packrafts?

I love hiking and I'm starting to love longer cycling trips too. I've done combined cycling/hiking trips (cycling to the trailhead of a hike). Last summer I met someone who carried an inflatable raft ...
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What features should I look for in a packraft?

Reading through are other packrafting questions it looks like it would be a neat activity, especially since there are quite a few beautiful alpine lakes that would be neat to float across and they ...
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What to look for when buying a second hand packraft? [duplicate]

I'm going to buy a one-man packraft, capable going some wilder stuff. For the beginning I would like to try it with a used one. What should I look for when buying a second hand packraft?
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