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Comparing breathable vs non-breathable clothing. What are good/bad points of each? [closed]

What are good points and badpoints for breathable vs non-breathable clothing?
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How to understand the ski pants size option 'Tall'?

Some ski pants have the size option 'Tall', for example S size would have inseam length varieties Short, Regular, Long but there is also a S Tall size which also has inseam length Short, Regular, Long ...
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What are reasons why someone might use non-breathable waterproof pants?

For rain pants, there are both breathable pants that let sweat out and non-breathable ones that do not. The problem with the non-breathable pants is that your sweat can build up inside and then you ...
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What type of pants would be durable and suitable for outdoors in all kind of climates?

I am about to start a long backpacking trip through South America, and I would like to take as little weight as possible. I have the rest of my stuff more or less sorted out, but I am a bit at a loss ...
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How to fix tears in waterproof pants?

I found a pair of waterproof pants abandoned on the trail, they were fine except for several large rips that the previous owner had tried to fix with ductape. How can I patch these rips?
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Winter backpacking pants

I find that little attention is paid to lower body backpacking clothing. What type of pants would be a appropriate for a multi day excursion with 6'' to 1' (15 to 30 cm) of snowfall and 10 to 32 °F (-...
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What makes nylon an effective material for hiking pants?

I often see 100% nylon pants a lot in stores. What properties does it have that make it effective when hiking? Is it effective in all seasons or just under certain conditions?
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Why don't we apply the principles of layering when it comes to pants?

Whenever I see clothing articles geared toward hiking and backpacking that discuss layering (base layer for wicking, mid layer for insulation, etc.), they always seem to discuss these things in terms ...
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Rain pants for tall people

I've been looking for a rain pants for myself. My attention was caught by Outdoor Research Paladin Pants. These have side zips which are really great. The problem is: it comes in regular fit only and ...
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