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Questions tagged [poison-ivy]

Questions about dealing with poison ivy, especially prevention and treatment

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22 votes
9 answers

How should I treat poison ivy?

If I'm struck by poison ivy, what should I do? Is there a way to suppress the itch?
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2 answers

How should you wash clothes after exposure to poison oak/ivy/sumac?

I have heard that the oils from poison oak, poison ivy, or poison sumac can remain on clothes even through a wash cycle. After hiking through an area with poison ivy (or poison oak/poison sumac), how ...
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4 answers

Is it safe to eat poison ivy berries since I don't react to the leaves?

Is it safe for someone who doesn't react to poison ivy to eat the berries? I am not going to try it without authority from someone who knows. Is it like smoke from burning vines, that can affect even ...
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What can I do to prevent getting poison ivy?

I have a very bad reaction to poison ivy. I take extraordinary measures to avoid any and all contact with it. I wear long socks and full pants in the middle of summer but I still end up getting it ...
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11 votes
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How rare is resistance to poison ivy, and does resistance increase?

How rare is it to be resistant to poison ivy, or become resistant. I ask only because when younger I was very allergic, but now I can pull it out with bare hands or roll around in it without even an ...
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Is it possible get a rash from poison ivy but not poison oak?

Both poison ivy and poison oak can cause a red rash on the skin due to an allergic reaction to the chemical urushiol in their oily sap. I've heard people say that they are allergic to either one or ...
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Poison ivy products Zanfel and Tecnu — Ontario availability?

I stumbled onto a Reddit post that has some tips for dealing with poison ivy rashes: Poison ivy between my fingers. I'm considering amputation at this point. In that post, lots of people seem to swear ...
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