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Where can I find reliable information on long-distance hiking trails?

I have never planned a hiking holiday myself but have always walked along. This year we are planning to walk a long-distance trail like the Fischermenstrail (ROTA VICENTINA) in Portugal. Where can I ...
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Who to contact for a bird with broken wing in Portugal, Algarve?

I saw a bird with an injured wing among the rocks on a beach in Portugal (Algarve). The bird has been on the beach since Friday evening, and her wing feathers have completely dropped off by now. It's ...
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Can anyone identify this small black swimming creature?

I spotted something in a rock pool. It was swimming but appeared to surface to breath, or maybe eat. The location is Madeira, Portugal, just above sea level. I would expect the water to be saline, ...
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Are these tracks on the sand in Portugal dormouse tracks?

I've found these tracks just a couple of days ago on the Ursa beach near Cabo da Roca, Portugal. I'm not familiar with the fauna of this place and the only possible candidate I've found for now is a ...
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Should I expect to need snowshoes in the Serra da Estrela in April?

I have a work trip to Portugal later this month and I intend to attach a short trekking/backpacking trip in the Serra da Estrela. I have around 62 hours. Will I need snowshoes for my hike? The ...
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Are there any mountaineering/hiking activities in or near Albufeira, Portugal?

I'm heading over to Albufeira and I was just wondering if there are any hiking or mountaineering activities, or outdoor landmarks worth seeing in the area (or close by). I don't want to be stuck on ...
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Winter camping in Western Europe sleeping bag question

I will be car camping in Western Europe (Portugal & Spain) from Nov. 14-Dec. 22nd this year. I will be camping in a wide range of environments, ranging from the mountainous Asturias Province of ...
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