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Questions about Rabbits. Small mammals of the family Leporidae.

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4 answers

Can I eat the rabbits my cat catches?

My cat gets a rabbit every other week or so. He usually eats the whole thing himself but I was wondering if I should try and cook it for myself. Is there even enough meat on them to make it worth the ...
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What is wrong with the rabbit living under my shed?

So there is this rabbit that lives under my shed, and I've been watching it through my window for the past few days. It comes out in the mornings, and sits next to its hole crouched in a tight ball, ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Uses of a rabbit in a survival situation? [closed]

Let's say your plane crashes and you end up in a forest in a cold Russian winter miles away from civilization. You have lost all your clothing; completely butt naked. You manage to get fire and make ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Snowshoe hare migration patterns through changing seasons

I asked this question in the Hunting BC forum but so far it hasn't received much attention. I'm very interested in the answer(s) and will cross-post any useful information. Over the last three weeks ...
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How do songbirds and small animals know when there's a hawk in the immediate vicinity?

At any given time in our yard, we have at least 20 birds, up to the same number of squirrels, 15 or so chipmunks, and a few rabbits. Our many feeders and birdbaths are mostly under big trees and next ...
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Could Les Stroud have used guitar strings for rabbit snares?

In season 3 episode 1 of Survivorman, Les Stroud uses a guitar and a can of some consistently shaped chips made from potatoes of an unknown brand <cough>Pringles</cough> to make a trap for ...
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Can I eat Rabbit Poop?

I know that rabbits eat their droppings (cecotropes) and I have heard of feeding rabbit droppings to pigs. Rabbits are vegetarians. There droppings do not have the same consistency or negative ...
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5 votes
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What diseases can be transmitted through skin contact with a dead rabbit?

About a month ago, my youngest son found a dead rabbit in the woods while camping and brought me to the spot to show it. The rabbit looked like it had just died and didn't show any obvious cause of ...
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How to tell the difference between a pika and a cottontail rabbit?

Some users here seem to think that the animal in question is a pika and not a cottontail rabbit. How would one tell the difference between a pika and a cottontail rabbit?
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3 votes
1 answer

Why would cottontail rabbits be hanging out in a gravel parking lot?

There is a gravel parking lot with trees on either side that I pass on my way to work and there are always a couple of cottontail rabbits hanging out under and next to the cars parked there. Why are ...
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Where can I legally go hunting for rabbits with a slingshot in the UK?

Where can I hunt for rabbits with slingshots do I have to ask land owners or could I go into a forest away from people and hunt there?
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Why are cottontail rabbits smelling through gravel piles?

In one of the gravel parking lots I pass on my way to work there are a number of cotton tail rabbits that hang out there. At one end of parking lot there is piled up gravel from all of the plowing ...
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Can wild rabbits be eaten in the summer or is the risk of disease too high?

I have heard that rabbits shouldn't be eaten in the summer because they have ticks and parasites on them at that time and that one should wait till after it freezes. Of course, you have to abide by ...
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