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What can I do to be more visible to other ships’ radar when traveling in a sea kayak?

I’ve seen small radar reflectors for sale. Should I carry one when kayaking? What else can I do such that boats can use their radar to be aware of my location when they can’t see me due to poor ...
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Sangean MMR-88 DAB radio stuck at "PC wizard.." [closed]

I've rendered my Sangean MMR-88 DAB radio (alias Sangean Survivor DAB+) unusable by selecting System → Software Upgrade. The display says "PC wizard.." and the radio is unresponsive. I've tried ...
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6 votes
4 answers

How best to hold/aim a Garmin InReach for satellite messaging?

On a recent camping trip, I was having great difficulty sending messages with a Garmin InReach. I was in a woods with a moderately thick canopy overhead, but next to a small river so I could step out ...
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What would happen if I use a USA (GMRS/FRS) two-way radio in Europe?

This question is the opposite from this one: What would the consequences of using a US two-way radio (GMRS/FRS) in Europe? I know Europe has their own frequency range for two-way radios (PMR), but for ...
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What are the consequences of — illegally — using a 446 MHz PMR in the North American wilderness?

I've recently bought a pair of PMR446 walkie-talkies with some 5–10 km range, operating at 446 MHz. We've happily used them in Sareks Nationalpark in Sweden. Now I'm moving to Canada, where this ...
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I am looking for a two way radio/device with constant contact

Hello, I am looking for a device to be in communications with another person while skiing without having to push a button. Exactly like a cell phone, but since phones don't work up where we ski ...
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What range should I expect for a reasonable set of walkie-talkies / two-way radio?

When I'm hiking with my friend, some of the time we hike together, but sometimes we hike separately, and may be some kilometres apart only to meet on the agreed location for the evening. Our next ...
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Recommendations for two-way radios to use while skiing

Going skiing with another family next year and looking for two-way radios to use so we can stay in touch. I've used cell phones in the past but that can get awkward (and since we are going to Canada ...
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