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Rain is precipitation that falls out of the sky in a liquid form. Use this tag to tag questions related to rain.

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How to stash firewood without it getting wet?

I am planning a party in the wilderness, where there is no firewood. I decided to carry some firewood there, to make it more fun. It's planned for a specific day in the winter (e.g. birthday party), ...
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How should I pack for a week of backpacking in the rain?

So, next week I will be leaving on a hiking trip, which was supposed to be in the middle of summer whilst it's at its hottest, but instead it will be raining all week. Luckily there are public use '...
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How do you dry wet socks when camping/backpacking if it's raining and the socks cannot be hung to dry outside

How do you dry wet socks when camping/backpacking if it's raining and the socks cannot be hung to dry outside? I've been compiling a list of recommendations on this subject for a little while. ...
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What to do with a wet dog while camping

I thought about this question a while ago and have yet to find an answer. We have a small two person tent, just enough for my wife and I, and our dog. The issue is drying said dog when it is raining. ...
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How dangerous is it to walk with wet feet in cold terrain?

Let us say we have around 0 degrees celsius and I have wet feet and I am in the middle of nowhere (let us say 2 days away from any civilisation). On the one hand people say it is no problem to walk in ...
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Is it normal for a double skin popup tent to leak in slight rain?

About a year ago I was given a three person dual skin popup tent. Almost new but possibly a factory second. (It's made by "Vango" and I think it could be a "reject" because one of the four guy ropes ...
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When rain jackets wear out, do they soak through?

I have a Paradox Rain Jacket from Costco that's served me well over the years. It's basically a single layer hardshell that I wear over everything in the rain and snow. I know that it says that the ...
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How can I tell how much, if any, rain is in an approaching cloud?

I am always amazed when there is a rain cloud moving across the country dropping inches per hour of rain as it goes. In my imagination I try to visualize how the cloud could have carried all that ...
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is it a good idea to cover a tent with a tarp to protect for heavy rainfall?

Last summer, I went camping with my family for the first time. We bought a second hand tent, similar to the one on the picture below. We had a great time, but after a rainstorm that went on for 24 ...
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