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Is there a mountain with a summit cross in the USA or Canada?

I've never seen a summit cross on a mountain in the USA or in Canada, unlike in Europe where so many mountains have crosses, most likely an overwhelming majority of the Alps. Why are summit crosses so ...
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What is an efficent and effective way to find a reputable private guide for a backpacking trip?

My first question on TGO was about low altitude trips that have the feel of much higher elevations. I asked that question because of the declining physical capacity of my husband. I received ...
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What is this plant with fluffy white flowers in the Canadian Rockies?

I was hiking in the Ptolemy Plateau in the Canadian Rockies yesterday. There were all these plants that looked like something right out of a Dr. Seuss book. What are they?
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What are these clusters of tiny dark blue berries found in the Southern Canadian Rockies?

I was hiking in the Southern Canadian Rockies yesterday and was paying special attention to all the plants I'm not familiar with, one was these bushes with these clusters of tiny blue berries. The ...
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What are some of the winter hiking trails rated difficult in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park that don't require technical climbing?

Headed to Denver,CO (mid-february) for a couple of weeks and looking to shed some fat through a weekend trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. I am looking for a hike with an elevation gain of 4000-...
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Is it safe to cook food during a hike (on trail) when bears are possibly around?

I'm going to the Rockies (trails in Jasper and Banff). Would it be safe for me to cook food while on the trail? Won't bears be attracted towards the smell of the food?
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Thunderstorms in the Canadian Rockies in September?

How frequent are thunderstorms in the Canadian Rockies in September? Canadian Climate Normals do not list thunderstorm frequency.
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