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Questions referencing or requesting standards for safety in a given field, such as diving, rock climbing, kayaking etc.

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Is it ever necessary to double up locking carabiners?

I see people doing this a lot: My question is: Why? When is it necessary to double up locking carabiners? Ever? Doubling up non-locking carabiners with opposite and opposing gates was, and still is ...
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Understanding the transition in USCG Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Labeling

In this question a couple years ago: What do life jacket ratings mean (Type I, Type II, etc)?, we see the traditional types many of us learned about in Boating Safety courses, or in Scout/ Youth camp, ...
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Can I re-use a via ferrata carabiner/harness for climbing?

I just started climbing and I am wondering if it's safe to use my body harness and the 2 carabiners from via ferrata kit - they are 25|10|8KN resistant - for climbing too.
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When did the manufacture date became mandatory written on labels in Europe?

Equipment like ropes, slings, harness, etc. have the manufacture date on their label. I still have some older equipment without any manufacture date written on their label. When did it become ...
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