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Questions that discuss about precautions need to be taken for ensuring the safety in various outdoor activities that are in scope of The Great Outdoors should be tagged with this tag.

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In a -50°F blizzard, how to generate enough body heat to avoid frostbite?

The Winter is coming soon (in ~3 months) here in North Dakota and I'd like to be better prepared than last winter. I have hit a weird personal threshold [mere 5 degrees] that I cannot seem to ...
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What species of bear are most and least dangerous to humans?

Excluding hybrids it seems like there are eight species of bears. Which are most and least likely to injure or kill a human? Related Do black, brown/grizzly or polar bears ever prey on humans? ...
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How can a team of 2 or 3 safely traverse a narrow, exposed snow ridge?

Assume a team of 2-3 people intend to traverse a very exposed ridge at altitude. What are the main hazards and how can they be mitigated? The type of ridge in question is covered in snow (various ...
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