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Questions tagged [sea]

Questions specific to the sea or oceans

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Pacific Northwest - how can I find about sea Bioluminescence events?

I happened to stumble upon the last bits of a bioluminescence event on Cortes Island, in BC, in 2011. It was absolutely amazing, but most of it had happened in the previous days. I'd love to go ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How many boats have been found encased in ice but still accessible?

I was watching National Treasure again today and the scene in which Cage and his team discover and explore the Charlotte made me curious. They find the ship buried under ice and snow, yet, though ...
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How much food is needed for three months of food when rowing across an ocean?

Related to this question, if one were to go on a three-month rowing trip across an ocean, is there an estimate of how much the food would be needed? It's certainly possible to give an estimate when ...
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