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Questions about repairing skiis

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Sharpening Base Edge on Skis

I recently got a pair of downhill skis from a friend. The skis were only used a few times, so the base was in pretty good shape. The only issue was the edges were fairly rusty. I used a Swix pocket ...
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Are AT skis unsuited for downhill skiing at a resort?

I rent out a lot of alpine touring (AT) skis. We advise people not to use these skis for downhill resort skiing. Part of that is because we don't want people renting out the skis (which we rent at a ...
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What is the effect of changing side and edge bevel on ski edges?

I'm always struggling with how edge bevel and side bevel affect my ski's behavior, and accurately grinding those bevels. What are the effects of various edge and side bevels on the ski behavior, and ...
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When should you repair rock gouges in skis?

When downhill skiing (although I assume this would apply to cross-country skiing or snowboarding as well), when should a gouge caused by a rock or other obstacle be considered large or serious enough ...
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