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Questions discussing necessary precautions, safety concerns, required equipment and overall safety measures to be taken into consideration during skiing should be tagged with this tag. This tag can also be used with the questions that discuss possible places for skiing and related permissions for a specific region.

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2 answers

Starting cross-country skiing off trails

I've done a bit of cross-country skiing on trails at local mountains, but I'm more interested in getting off the trails and out into the woods. The terrain around here is pretty steep in general with ...
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How steep of a slope can you skin up in AT gear?

At what pitch does it become more effective to zig-zag up and/or lose the skis entirely?
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7 answers

Is it unsafe to ride the chair lift with a backpack?

I like the convenience of having a backpack when I ski. Last winter one of the lifties at the local ski hill gave me guff about my backpack, claiming that it was unsafe. I wore the same backpack ...
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How can I rescue someone lost in an avalanche?

If someone from our group is caught in an avalanche, what can I do to rescue them?
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4 answers

Can I use one helmet for both kayaking and skiing?

I am doing little kayaking and just a bit more skiing (the seasons for both are very short where I live). Both of these need helmets, but I feel reluctant to buy 2 items, each of which will see little ...
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How often should I wax skis?

I have a pair of skis, let's pretend I use them as much as I want to. How often should I wax them? Once a season? Every few ski days? Before or after every ski day? Both? Does it matter what kind of ...
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What is the benefit to telemark skiing?

Occasionally I've seen skiers free-heeling it down the slopes in telemark style but not understood why they do it. Is the main benefit for exercise, style, control or just to try something different?
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5 answers

How important is thermal underwear for skiing?

I am going on a Ski trip with two days in the snow. Given that I am unlikely to go skiing again for a long time, I would like to minimise the amount of gear that I purchase. The minimum temperature ...
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2 answers

When should you repair rock gouges in skis?

When downhill skiing (although I assume this would apply to cross-country skiing or snowboarding as well), when should a gouge caused by a rock or other obstacle be considered large or serious enough ...
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1 answer

Beginner Ski Touring - Avalanche Terrain

So, I've taken my AST1 (see here for info, it's a Canadian course), and I'm starting to get into backcountry skiing. Just wondering what people would recommend for beginner terrain? Specific examples ...
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What is the effect of changing side and edge bevel on ski edges?

I'm always struggling with how edge bevel and side bevel affect my ski's behavior, and accurately grinding those bevels. What are the effects of various edge and side bevels on the ski behavior, and ...
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3 answers

Can you keep your feet warm in ski boots on a very cold day?

After a few ski trips in slightly painful hire boots, I decided to buy a pair that would fit properly. After trying quite a lot of pairs, I eventually found some that fitted well all over my foot, ...
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1 answer

Relation of ski edge sharpening to skiing ability and snow conditions

What is the effect of sharpening ski edges at different angles (85-90) and with different grit diamond stones (150-1200+) or regular files? How does this relate to the level of the skier and the type ...
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1 answer

Recommendations for two-way radios to use while skiing

Going skiing with another family next year and looking for two-way radios to use so we can stay in touch. I've used cell phones in the past but that can get awkward (and since we are going to Canada ...
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Are "Dynafit"/tech ski boots compatible with frame-style touring bindings?

I'm new to alpine touring skiing, and I'd like to purchase some new (more comfortable) AT boots. I currently have frame-style bindings on my AT skis. I'd like an "upgrade path". Can I purchase and use ...
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4 votes
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First Time Skiing - Only my feet were freezing

Went on a snow trip this weekend at Fall Creeks(VIC), it was my first time in snow and first time skiing (cross-country) , the only problem I had was my feet started getting cold occasionally and felt ...
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Are ski areas in the United States shutting down?

Interesting video I ran across. The high point are quotes from sugarbush's president. All the rest information is less important, except for statistics. I'm not sure where they got their stats. NSAA ...
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