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May refer to how to safely sleep or rest in the outdoors, as well as for questions about sleep gear.

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How do I attach a hammock to trees?

On my next vacation, I will be camping in a tent on a designated campsite. I saw somebody use a hammock for lounging during the day last time, so quickly got a cheap hammock from eBay, with a "let's ...
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Snake on chest while sleeping?

Now, this is not very common, however I have heard it enough times from people to know that it actually does happen. When sleeping in the open or in an open tent (yes, i know you shouldn't), snakes ...
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14 votes
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What are the pros and cons of air pads vs foam pads for backpacking?

Backpacking sleeping pads come in two basic types, foam and air, with some of the air pads being self-inflating. What are the pros and cons of each and how would one decide which type to get?
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How much of a temperature difference does a reflective sleeping pad make?

There are foam sleeping pads with a reflective surface on one side like this one with instructions to use the reflective side for maximum warmth. I don't doubt that it is warmer, but I do wonder by ...
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What sleep quality do you get in the outdoors?

I should say I haven't ever done anything very outdoorsy, but I would like to make sleeping outdoors a part of the bicycle touring which I hope to do. But a worry for me is that I have always had ...
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Staying warm in a lightweight sleeping bag

I've got a winter sleeping bag rated down to -40c but its heavy and it won't get that cold where I am going. The coldest it will be is +5 to -5. I've another lightweight sleeping bag rated 5 degrees ...
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What should go in an inflatable sleeping pad repair kit?

While backpacking with an inflatable or self-inflating sleeping pad one runs the risk of getting holes in it. This does happen fairly frequently, and while they do make kits, I would like to know ...
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How to deal with temperature swings while sleeping in a tent?

Unlike homes, temperatures in a tent fluctuate wildly. It could easily be 20 degrees Celsius at 9pm when you’re off to sleep but then only 5 degrees when you wake up in the morning. This causes an ...
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