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Use this tage for questions relating to the use of slingshot(s) or catapult type weapons in an outdoor context (e.g. hunting, sport shooting, etc.)

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Comparison of primitive projectile weapons [closed]

I have heard that there are sport hunters that practice taking game with primitive projectile weapons including long bows, slingshots, aumentum, atlatls, spears, and even throwing sticks. I'm curious ...
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Is it possible to make a slingshot from "Natural" resources?

According to Wikipedia, slingshots did not exist prior to the invention of vulcanized rubber. Slingshots depend on strong elastic materials, typically vulcanized natural rubber or the equivalent, ...
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How to calculate the energy of a slingshot projectile?

This answer made me wonder how a slingshot would compare in power to an airgun, especially as for that location, without a license you are limited to 12 ft-lbs of energy. For hunting with firearms, ...
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Where can I legally go hunting for rabbits with a slingshot in the UK?

Where can I hunt for rabbits with slingshots do I have to ask land owners or could I go into a forest away from people and hunt there?
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Slingshot resources

As part of my everyday carry gear, I'm looking at including a slingshot for taking game birds whilst hiking. However I've never used one, what should I be looking for in a catapult when purchasing? ...
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