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Is it better to wear one pair or two pairs of socks while hiking?

From personal experience I tend to wear two pairs of socks, normally some running socks and then my hiking socks on top of that. It helps me avoid blisters. Quite a few of my friends thinks this is ...
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Why go without socks with climbing shoes?

I've been going climbing (indoor bouldering) for about six months, using shoes I rented at the gym, and wearing socks (and everything was fine). I've recently got a pair of climbing shoes, and want to ...
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How do I disinfect my wool hiking socks?

I've got athlete's foot after having my feet in the same boots for extended periods of time. How can I disinfect my wool hiking socks to prevent this from spreading and reinfecting my feet?
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How do you dry wet socks when camping/backpacking if it's raining and the socks cannot be hung to dry outside

How do you dry wet socks when camping/backpacking if it's raining and the socks cannot be hung to dry outside? I've been compiling a list of recommendations on this subject for a little while. ...
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What should you look for when buying hiking socks?

A quick search online shows there are dozens of different types of hiking socks, with different materials, thicknesses, and properties. In general, what should you look for when shopping for hiking ...
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When are cotton socks actually better?

Cotton retains moisture, thus cotton socks will not do the job properly. When would actually one want to wear exactly cotton socks? A few ideas come to mind, but they are just shooting in the dark: ...
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Choosing socks for frequent switching cold-warm

I'm looking for socks for the following conditions and to complement the following footwear. My wife frequently spends several hours driving a car (setting car temperature to stay around +20°C) , ...
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Hemp socks and wicking properties

I am an avid snowboarder and I have noticed that socks made of merino wool are incredibly good at wicking away moisture while keeping my feet warm. However, I was wondering about other textiles that ...
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Are cushioned socks necessary for hiking boots?

Textbook advice for hiking footwear seems to be: wear cushioned socks!!! And make sure your boots fit!!! For me, it seems that wearing a cushioned sock ensures that a boot simply will not fit ...
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Differences between the right and the left trekking sock

As I put on my trekking-socks last weekend, I wondered what might be the differences between the left and the right sock (besides the "mirrored" design)?
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Winter hiking socks (calf-length) for beginner downhill skiing

I am considering taking a few skiing lessons soon (never skied before), and the amount of specialized gear seems to be a lot. I hike a bit, and have good merino socks, which are great for warmth as ...
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Do alpaca socks have the best fit for skiing?

I was recommended alpaca socks but I have never used this type of wool before, I would like to know if they are right choice for me.
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