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Questions relating to the purchase, making, and/or usage of spears in the great outdoors.

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Can I use the blade of a multi tool as a spear point?

A recent question asks about disassembling a multi tool pictured below. We have an existing question How do you fashion a spear with a fixed blade. All of the blades pictured are long handled and/...
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Any rational reason to pick a spear to hunt?

Lately I saw a lot of people hunting with spears. Not the primitive type of spear but rather a high-tech one. It looked like made out of carbon or something. I think they were from North America. The ...
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How can one know where to throw one's spear when spearfishing?

Spearfishing has been around ages and everyone has heard of how great the Native Indians were at spearfishing. As we all know, light is refracted (bent) when it enters water. The key to spearing fish ...
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How do you fashion a spear with a fixed blade

What is the proper way to make a spear with a fixed blade to prevent breaking as described by Vorac in his comment here?
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