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What does UV400 protection exactly mean for sunglasses, ski goggles and swim goggles?

I could find many vague definitions of UV400, but no precise definition. Examples of vague definitions: Investing in sunglasses that ...
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What happened to my sunglasses?

I have a pair of Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses (so not some cheap drugstore sunglasses, and they are made in Italy not China) that I got two years ago. I just got back from a vacation, and I noticed ...
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Do polarized prescription lens also protect against UV? [duplicate]

My optometrist assures me that all polarized prescription lens will now also assure 100% UV protection. Is this true and if not how can I insure that I’m getting optimum UV protection from new ...
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How to tell whether a particular pair of sunglasses will effectively protect your eyes?

This detailed paper from the American Optometric Association details the various types of short term (i.e. snow blindness) and ...
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Is there any reason to avoid sunglasses with blue lenses?

I want to buy some sunglasses with a white frame and blue lenses because I like the look of the colors together, something like this (I also like the side protection of this particular model): When ...
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Has extended exposure to sunlight and UV in the arctic or antarctic ever caused someone's eyes to change color?

In Biology SE I have just asked Could being exposed to excess UV in the arctic lead to a human eye color change? If so, what is the mechanism? but comments there questioned weather Arctic hiker Robert ...
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What is the difference between "shooting" and "safety" glasses?

The local shooting range requires eye protection, when I look on Amazon there are "shooting glasses" in the hunting section, and then there are "safety glasses" in other sections. From what I can ...
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What are the pros and cons of clear vs yellow tinted shooting glasses?

When shooting it is a good idea to wear eye protection, most ranges and shooting competitions require them. There are two basic kinds, clear plastic, and amber/yellow tinted ones. From what I have ...
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How essential is the darkness/tint of a pair of sunglasses to protecting your eyes?

In addition to sunglasses, you can get clear safety glasses that claim "Blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays". The advantage of clear safety glasses is that they can be worn both during dusk and after dark ...
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How to protect sunglasses without a case?

I find abandoned sunglasses fairly frequently, right now the snow shoe and cross country trails are melting, and all of the sunglasses that were lost during the winter are now visible. I don't find ...
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What to consider when shopping for prescription sunglasses?

I wear bifocal, multi-focus prescription eye glasses. The top is for long range, and the bottoms allow me to tilt my head a bit to bring nearby objects into focus. Finding sunglasses that clip-on, ...
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UV Protection while trekking at 5000m for myopic vision

I have trouble seeing distant things and have myopia. Thus I prefer glasses with my prescription number (which is both cylindrical and spherical). I want protection from UV rays as I am going to spend ...
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What level of UV protection is recommended for glacier travel?

What level of UV protection is recommended for glacier travel? For example, I have sunglasses which says 40% UV layer. Will this be ok for glacier trekking, or do I need glasses with higher level of ...
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How much side protection should sunglasses have?

I have noticed that most sunglasses leave quite a bit of gap on the side and only cover the "front" of the eyes. Does this give adequate UV protection, or are these types of sunglasses mostly "fashion ...
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Extra strong sunglasses for sensitive eyes

I have a damaged pupil that stays partially dilated. And regular polarized sunglasses which I am wearing over the regular glasses aren't working better than my prescription sunglasses. I have a new ...
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Are there any sunglasses with prescription insert that does not alter depth sense?

I own a pair of Adidas Elevation Climacool eyeglasses which served me quite well for about ten years and whose sun lenses now need replacement. Those glasses allow to use a visual defect correction ...
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Do polarized sunglasses protect against UV?

My eyes are sensitive and tending towards cataracts. I'm told to avoid the Sun's UV, but many polarized sunspecs don't mention UV. I'd appreciate it if someone knows the answer.
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At what point do I need snow goggles or glacier glasses when hiking?

I'll be backpacking Europe in the winter (snow and rain) and parts of my trip will be outdoors, such as hiking in Dolomites, Italy. For purposes of packing light and risk of losing expensive gear, I ...
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How can I prevent my sun glasses from fogging up when skiing?

When I'm cross-country skiing, I usually wear glacier glasses to protect from the intense glare off the snow. When I'm moving, they usually stay clear . Whenever I stop though, my glasses seem to fog ...
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Things to consider when buying sunglasses

I am going to buy sunglasses. Here is how and where I am going to use them: mountain trekking - with altitude mostly below 2000, however I will use them in the following months on higher mountains (...
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Do polarized sunglasses protect against snow blindness?

Will regular polarized sunglasses protect me against snow blindness? And if not what type of glasses/goggles will protect me?
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