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Questions related to Swimming as an outdoor activity (lesser as a Sports), safety precautions and techniques about swimming, questions related costumes (not the product recommendation ones) are to be used with this tag.

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Extending SUP leash for swimming

I'd like to swim a bit to cool down when SUPing, but I've been already in an awkward situation when I've underestimated wind - the board was quite away from me after a while and I've got to swim fast ...
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2 answers

What is the proper way to use a sauna? [closed]

I thought that, according to what I've read from the web, people alternate between sauna and swimming. I tried to do that but people thought that I was in trouble. I posted the whole experience to a ...
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1 answer

What's the best way to train oneself to swim in open waters?

Considering that one is a very novice swimmer, it's challenging to even do sporting activities in the water without a life jacket. I'm looking for ways one can build more resilience and stamina with ...
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Could a lamprey attack a swimmer in coastal waters around the UK?

I have seen two articles about bloodsucking lampreys in UK rivers, which warn swimmers about the risks of lamprey attacks when swimming in rivers and lakes. Our river lamprey spend their adult lives ...
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2 answers

When cave diving, if one sees an air pocket, how can one know whether the air is safe to breathe?

While cave diving, one may see air pockets. How can one know whether the air is safe to breathe?
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How much UV radiation does one receive under water?

More precisely: assume one measures X mW/cm² for wavelength Y nm at the water level 0 (sea level). What's the mW/cm² for the same wavelength Y nm at water level Z? I'm most interested in UV-A and UV-B ...
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How good swimmer does one need to swim across the Saltstraumen? [duplicate]

I have just read a story from Facebook from someone who has just swum across the Saltstraumen. How good swimmer does one need to be in order to make it across in time?
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What is the best strategy to survive in water? [duplicate]

Imagine, you are shipwrecked in a warm lake (drinkable water) with 25°C water temperature and without lifeboat or anything, plain naked. You have to wait to be rescued and have to pace yourself. So ...
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